The Complete Guide to Live Video Monitoring and How It Saves Money

Introduction: Live Video Monitoring and How It Saves Money

Our Surveillance guards use HD video cameras and smart Ai software to monitor your property remotely. The benefit of this service is that it allows for more efficient and affordable security without the need for human guards. Some people have concerns about the safety of this system, but live video monitoring has been shown to be a reliable and effective way to keep people safe.

How Much Live Video Monitoring Can Actually Save You?

One of the main benefits of live video monitoring is that it saves money over having human guards on site. Compared to traditional security guards, our live video monitoring services can save thousands of dollars. In most cases, compare guards weekly wage at about $800-$1000 weekly, we can monitor an entire site starting at $299 per month.

How Does Live Video Monitoring Work and What are the Different Types?

Along with out smart Ai Surveillance software, our guards are able to work remotely and watch several camera location at once. This Allows are guard to protect a much larger area, saving us time and you money.

What are the Best Cameras for Live Video Surveillance Systems?

To be quite honest, our smart Ai software dose a lot of the heavy lifting. Our software is compatible with 90% of security camera manufactures, allowing easy integration with current security camera system.

Conclusion: Lower Your Business Security Risk Today by Deploying a Live Video Surveillance System

The video surveillance system is a great investment for your business. With live video monitoring, you can save money and have peace of mind knowing that your employees are safe.

Live video monitoring services are a great way to save money and time on security. They also help you to keep an eye on the safety of your employees.