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Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

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Our Cloud Access Control, is one step ahead of the of any unwanted individuals on your property.

Our Cloud Solution Will Make Your Business More Efficient

By securing your building, and being able to verify that security remotely, you will prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your business from the potential loss of assets or customer data.

Access Control allows you to keep a Strict record of Personnel

Know: Who, Where, and When. Without asking the Question.

What is access control?

At a high level, access control is a selective restriction of access to data. It consists of two main components: authentication and authorization

Types of access control.

Your Company must determine the appropriate type of access control to install. Based on the type and sensitivity of data they’re processing, Cloud vs. On Premise.

Why Cloud Access control?

A cloud access control platform allows you to spend less time managing your building security systems across locations so you have more time to run your business.

Make Your Business More Secure and efficient.

Remotely manage all locations from one system and one interface
Monitor your site with alarm event insights
Add doors and new sites at any time at a predictable cost
Automate access control for tenants, visitors and administrators

Our Solutions

lockdown solution

Our Flexible Lockdown solution provides the ability to activate or revert lockdown plans from any remote device, including a mobile phone, or third-party trigger.

Hands Free Control

Reducing common touch points is suggested by health authorities as a way to promote a healthier space and prevent illness transmission, but this often presents added challenges for organizations.

Automating and occupancy Tracking

Keeping people safe without sacrificing security is a top priority for all business and organizations. 

Enhancing your video security

With remote lock and unlock capabilities, along with real-time reports available on your phone or computer, you can visually address issues and manage access events. This also enables you to resolve any issues outside working hours and weekends.

Tailgating security and access control

From a single dashboard, administrators have the ability to respond to tailgating and piggybacking threats in real time and immediately locate the entry where the tailgating attempt occurred to take preventative action.

Vistitor Greeting

Automate the sign-in/ sign-out experience
Create a welcoming, secure and convenient first impression
Simplify the process of notifying hosts when their visitors arrive

Cloud Access Control

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