Know Your Required Alarm Permit

If you own a monitored security alarm system, you may need to obtain a valid alarm permit. There is usually an annual cost between $25-$40 associated with maintaining a valid alarm permit. Each county and city has different requirements. Below is a list of cities by county with links to their alarm permit requirements.

Please note: this list is current as of 08-01-2018 and we recommend you check with your local city police department directly.

In cities that require permits, there are often increased penalties and fees for false alarms for those who have not obtained an alarm permit. Other cities do not require an alarm permit but would like you to register your alarm. There are a few cities that require you to go to your local police department in person to register your alarm and obtain an alarm permit. It is vital to know your city’s alarm permit requirements in order to avoid the unnecessary cost of fees associated with not having an alarm permit when required.

Alarm Permits in Los Angeles County

Alarm Permits in Orange County

Alarm Permits in San Bernardino County

Alarm Permits in San Diego County

Alarm Permits in Riverside County